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Be Bear Aware

I don’t live in Bear Country in fact I doubt there are any bears, in the wild, anywhere near here. That being said if there were bears around here or if I were to visit Bear Country you can bet I’d be equipped with bear spray just in case I ran into a bear looking to dine on me or a member of my family.

Big Sky Archery owner Bill Farris says it was still dark in the early morning when he came face to face with a charging grizzly.

Farris deffered the bear with pepper spray, his recommended mode of protection when bow hunting in bear country.

Wildlife officials log several bear interactions every year, like the one Friday morning, when a husband and wife were bow hunting in the Indian Creek area of the Madison Range.

A female grizzly popped out of the bushes and attacked the man. Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Official, Andrea Jones, says the sow had cubs and responded defensively, biting the man’s arm and head before quickly taking off into the woods.

Jones says, “they’re going to be attracted to gut piles they’re going to be attracted to cow calls that’s what they often look for. It should not necessarily be a surprise that some people do run into bears. Its just a matter of being alert and having that bear spray extra handy.”

The man was not seriously injured and has already been released from the hospital. Jones add if you’re heading out in the back country, you should be prepared for anything.


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2 Responses to “Be Bear Aware”

  1. Lawanna Bean says:

    That’s a pretty scary story! Thank goodness I don’t have bears in Dallas either. But we do have a few coyotes in the neighborhood. So I carry pepper spray with me when I walk my dog. Believe me, if I were in bear country, that would be a staple at me house!

  2. Thomas says:

    I know plenty of hunters that are clueless about being in the wild. While hunting, they may bag a large animal, and during the process, bears could easily startle a hunter and bears have been known to be extremely vicious, especially when the scent of fresh meat is in the air. This is a great idea to have some bear pepper spray on hand in this case so as not to be caught off guard

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