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Tips For Keeping Your Home and Possessions Safe While on Vacation

Spring is finally upon us and trips away from the home are going to become more common, but what have you done to secure your home and possessions? Burglars looking to steal from you will always target a home that is empty over an occupied home, but without you there to protect your property, it’s important that you can deter or catch the thieves. There are few steps you can take to make sure your house and the important items it contains are not stolen from you. Being pro-active about the idea of being robbed is much better than just believing it won’t happen to you. With the proper preparation there is a good chance you will scare potential thieves away, or get the evidence you need to put them away.

Stop mail and newspaper delivery

This may seem like an obvious one, but having mail or newspapers’ piling up at your home is a clear signal to thieves that your house is unoccupied. Call your newspaper delivery office and tell them to hold off on deliveries until you return home. Also, the US Postal Service can hold your mail for up to 30 days, so take advantage of this free service to take away the excuse opportunistic thieves need to break in to your home.

Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your house

Another quite simple step, but it is effective at deterring potential burglars. What’s even better than getting your neighbor to just occasionally look at your home is for them to enter the house too. If anyone is checking out the comings and goings of your house to make sure no-one is there, when they see your neighbour enter this will give them a reason to move on.

Move that spare key

We all know how useful having a spare key hidden somewhere outside the house can be, but when you go on holiday make sure you remember to move it. Give it to a trusted neighbor if possible, or just put it back in the house. Thieves will almost always check the usual spots around your home for a key before they force their way into a home, so don’t give them that luxury.

Hiding your prized possessions

Keeping a safe in the house is never a bad idea, but often this is where the burglar will head to first. If they can’t open it, they may just pick it up and carry it off. For all those things that mean so much to you, like jewellery and heirlooms, try concealing them in a place that the burglar would not suspect. Diversion safes imitate everyday household objects, like a can of soft drink or am aerosol can, but allow you to store items inside them. The likelihood is that criminals in your home won’t even give them a second look, but instead go for more obvious items of value. When it comes to your most prized possessions, home contents insurance only covers you for monetary value, not sentimental value, so those things that just can’t be replaced should be placed inside a diversion safe.

Alarms to scare thieves away

Once you have taken these preliminary steps, it’s time to think about real protection for you home. A voice alert transmitter motion alert alarms inside your property will make it very uncomfortable for thieves if they find a way in and wander around the inside of your house. The loud alarm will most likely scare them away before they steal a thing. Door guard alarms are also very effective at keeping intruders away. These are a bit cheaper than motion alert alarms so at the very least you should have one of these hanging on your home entry doors. The alarm is triggered by a vibration on the door and its handle, and all you need to do is hang the alarm on your door handle. Another alarm that can be very handy is a glass breakage alarm. Fasten these somewhere next to a window, like the window pane, and when the window is knocked or broken a loud siren will sound, hopefully sending the thief running.

Surveillance in your home

If all the steps so far still haven’t deterred the thieves, then the next step will hopefully give the police what they need to lock up the criminal. Setting up cameras around your home might seem a bit much, but there are ways you can do it without affecting the privacy people have in your home. A great way to keep a watchful eye in your home while you are away is by using a hidden camera. These come in all different shapes and sizes, from looking like stereos to wall clocks. The disguise will make it hard for the thieves to realise they are there, and the camera will hopefully record a good image of the criminal for you to hand over to police.

Be vigilant!

Following these steps, or just a few of them, will make your home less attractive to thieves, and could prevent your house being robbed. Don’t wait for something to happen before putting a house protection system in place, do it now to stop thieves in their tracks.

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  1. Lawanna Bean says:

    It’s always good to be reminded that we need to plan what kind of safety precautions we will take when we leave to go on vacation. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a find a stranger has been in your home and stolen your personal belongings. Good tips to remember!

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