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Warmer Weather Brings an Increase in Burglary

As spring turns into summer and the temperature rises, so do the amount of burglaries and break-ins. Burglaries rise significantly during the warmer months. Of the near 2.5 million burglaries that happen in the US each year, the greatest number of instances occurs in July during the peak of summer; with the fewest in February when the weather is cold.

There are several reasons why burglaries rise in the summer months. Prowlers and burglars spend a lot of time staking out properties and hanging around outside, and just like everybody else, thieves don’t like hanging around in the rain or cold weather too much. The warmer months are also a time where people go away on vacation, offering a risk free opportunity for thieves. Finally, the warmer weather often means that people leave windows and doors open to keep their homes cooler, which can be an open invite for a burglar or thief to enter a property.

Summer checklist

Because the likelihood of getting burgled increases in the warmer months, it is important at this time of year to check your home security and that you are doing everything possible to reduce the risk of becoming targeted. The first thing to do is check your home insurance policy is up to date and covers everything of value around the home. If you are unhappy, compare house insurance online and find a better deal, but make sure your cover doesn’t lapse.

Secondly, you need to check your security. Burglar alarms are not always effective on their own. It can take just a few minutes for a thief to gain access to a home, remove valuables and leave again, resulting in them being long gone before anybody investigates as to why your alarm is going off. Think about installing additional security systems such as door guard alarms, which will reduce the amount of time a burglar has to plunder your property.

Impressions matter

Thieves often take great care in picking properties to burglarize and will judge a home from the outside. A house with an untidy backyard often gives the impression that the householder probably isn’t very security conscious. Householders that keep a tidy yard and garden give an impression that they are more likely to take a more conscientious approach to security too. Unkempt gardens with overhanging shrubs and high bushes also provide opportunities for a burglar to hide and watch a property, so make sure you tidy up the outside of your property and trim those bushes.

It is also important not to leave windows open throughout the warmer months. An open window offers an open invite to a burglar. Even when you are at home, a window left open while you are asleep could be tempting to a late night burglar, and there is nothing more frightening to wake up to realize somebody is in your property. If you do leave windows open at night, consider a motion alert alarm that will not only wake you if somebody attempts to enter your property, but also should scare off any intruder.

Lighting and locks

Because the majority of burglaries in the United States happen in the day, between the hours of 9am and 3pm, when most people are at work, it is important that your house is secure when you are out. Check all window locks around the home, including those on first floor windows; all too often people concentrate on downstairs security, but many burglars enter properties from upper windows. For this reason, never leave ladders lying about the back yard, and if you have a flat roof, take extra precautions and install glass breakage alarms, which should scare off any burglar who tries to smash his way in.

While most burglaries happen during the day, break-ins still occur at night. When it’s dark, burglars have less chance of being spotted so will sometimes break into properties in the middle of the night, often when people are asleep. Installing security lights outside will deter burglars, as will visible alarm systems and security cameras.

The summer months are a busy time for thieves, but taking basic precautions against burglary will ensure that your property isn’t targeted this summer and you home doesn’t become one of the many millions of properties broken into during the warmer months.

3 Responses to “Warmer Weather Brings an Increase in Burglary”

  1. This is very good information, speaking from experience walking in after your hose has been gone through by a burglar, is a feeling that words cannot start to describe.

    I would like to add if you have a store front keep the windows clear enough so the checkout counter can be seen. This is something robbers look for as an easy mark.

  2. Lawanna Bean says:

    I too have come home from vacation and had to deal with the aftermath of a home burglary. And I can tell you it’s a nightmare! Use the suggestions in this article and your home will be safer while you are away.

  3. Very good information. It is very important to make sure you keep your house as secure as possible and do not leave items in the yard that could help the thief gain entry such as a shovel or hard tools that could be used to break in a door or window. No one wants to come home and find their home has been invaded by a burglar!

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