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Taxi Driver Subdues Drunk Passenger with Pepper Spray

You mess with a taxi driver and you just might get pepper sprayed. That’s what happened to this guy in Rockhill, S.C.

ROCK HILL — A taxi driver used pepper spray on an intoxicated York man after he tried to stiff the driver out of a $43 taxi fare, according to a Rock Hill police report.

Brandon Lynn Osborne, 34, was arrested and charged with assault and battery simple assault and defrauding a taxi driver, the report states.

The cab driver told police that he gave Osborne a ride to a few local businesses Monday afternoon, and then took him back to Osborne’s home on Turkey Creek Ridge Road in York.

Osborne tried to use his debit card to pay but it was declined, the report states. The taxi driver told police his passenger then refused to pay and “became unruly when asked to get out of the taxicab,” according to the report.

The customer grabbed the driver by the shirt, and the driver “fearing for his safety” used pepper spray, the report states.

EMS workers flushed the pepper spray from Osborne’s eyes at the scene and police transported him to the Rock Hill Law Center jail.

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There’s a lesson to be learned here and that’s take care of your obligations and don’t mess with a pepper spray toting Taxi Driver. :^)


2 Responses to “Taxi Driver Subdues Drunk Passenger with Pepper Spray”

  1. Great article on how useful pepper spray can be for self defense and self protection when necessary. Good for the cab driver.

  2. Hi, I talked to a cab driver awhile back and he told me he wasn’t allowed to have pepper spray or a stun gun! I thought “Wow!” How stupid is that that a person that has money on them and contact with the public and people like drunks in the middle of the night and he is allowed to have no weapons.

    By the way you have a nice color scheme on your site. Looks good and easy on the eye. Thanks, Ed

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