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Wasp versus Pepper Spray – What’s The Verdict?

These days, there are a number of rumors circulating, particularly online, that state various things about wasp spray, which is an insecticide, as being more effective than a pepper spray for the purposes of self defense. There are internet stories (you can’t believe everything you read…especially in this day and age) that claim an elderly lady was told by a police officer…blah, blah, blah…that she can use wasp spray for self defense. Before you run out and buy a few bulky cans of insecticide, be careful because you don’t want to start spraying people with something poisonous that can get you into a heap of trouble!

U.S. residents who are tempted to use this Internet-recommended self-defense alternative should know that wasp spray is an insecticide, and U.S. Federal Laws prohibit the use of any pesticide or insecticide “in a manner that is inconsistent with its labeling.” In addition, there are some of our states that prohibit the use of substances for self-protection that are not specifically authorized for that purpose. What would happen if you squirt gasoline or kerosene into someone’s face? How about some sort of acid?

The main ingredient in pepper spray is oleo resin capsicum, which is a type of oil that is extracted from hot chili peppers and this produces a strong burning sensation in human and animal tissues, immediately upon contact. Pepper spray causes severe irritation of the eyes and lungs, and the person who gets sprayed in the face will cough and choke for fifteen minutes, their eyes will immediately close, and they will be way too distracted to continue the attack. Pepper Spray is non-lethal and does not cause any long term damage, harm or effect!

Wasp sprays, on the other hand, consist of one or more insecticides such as pyrethrum or propoxur.  Although the toxic side effects of such chemicals do, in fact, include eye and lung irritation in humans, they are poisons for the main purpose is killing insects and can cause some serious harm or injury to humans and pets. Does that smell like a lawsuit waiting to happen? How about the stories of the guys who rob a house, fall down, get hurt, and then lodge a lawsuit against the homeowner?

The rumor also states that wasp or hornet sprays are effective also because they are manufactured for use at greater distances, and they will project farther and more accurately than pepper sprays, which typically have an effective range of six to 10 feet. Well, it is the key chain sized pepper spray that projects around 6 to 8 feet, as does the model that is disguised as a lipstick! There are pepper sprays on the market, such as the Wildfire 18% which can be available in a 4 ounce “stream” size, and this variety has an effective range of about 15 to 18 feet! Then there are even larger sizes that can shoot a stream up to 20 – 22 feet!

How reliably a wasp spray in the face might work, as a deterrent against human assailants is bound to vary, according to differences in the formula used and the fact that they were never made for the purpose of self defense in the first place. The effectiveness of insecticide sprays for self-defense is not clearly known and an adult American would be better off to fight back with a bonafide non-lethal, self-defense pepper spray obtained from a reliable source!

Wasp spray is a bad idea.  But then again, so are rape and murder.  If I had to choose between wasp spray or nothing, you can bet your sweet bippy that I would use the wasp spray.  And I might get away with it, if I could prove that it was a sudden thought, a panic move in self-defense.  But if the assailant sues me on the basis of premeditated use of poison, I might be in legal hot water.  WHY plan to risk legal charges, when many of our products shoot just as far, and all of them are as effective or more effective and none of them leave me vulnerable to a legal challenge?  When you think of it that way, a few extra dollars spent on a good pepper spray is like insurance.  You hope you don’t need it, but when you do, you’re sure glad you’ve got it!”

Even though pepper sprays are completely legal for self defense, a few states have very specific laws regarding how and where you can purchase one. If you are within the contiguous 48 United States, but not in MA, MI, NY, or WI, then you can actually go online and order these wonderful non-lethal, yet effective, self-defense pepper sprays at a website such as where they have an awesome selection, fabulous prices, and outstanding customer service! The items will be shipped via UPS to your door, and pepper sprays also make great gifts!

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10 Responses to “Wasp versus Pepper Spray – What’s The Verdict?”

  1. Brian says:

    U.S. residents who are tempted to use this Internet-recommended self-defense alternative should know that wasp spray is an insecticide, and U.S. Federal Laws prohibit the use of any pesticide or insecticide “in a manner that is inconsistent with its labeling.” In addition, there are some of our states that prohibit the use of substances for self-protection that are not specifically authorized for that purpose

    Please post a reference for these laws. I highly doubt it would be illegal for me to defend myself with a bottle of ketchup simply because it wasn’t “authorized for that purpose.”

  2. admin says:

    U.S. residents tempted to avail themselves of this Internet-recommended self-defense option by stockpiling wasp spray would do well consider that federal law ( prohibits the use of any pesticide “in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.” Likewise, some states forbid carrying substances for self-protection that aren’t specifically authorized for that purpose.

  3. Vicki says:

    Really, if someone comes after me or tries to hurt me I will use whatever I can to fend them off, and if wasp spray is near by, I will use it!

  4. admin says:

    I would do the same thing and worry about the consequences later. Here I’m not saying not to protect yourself if you don’t have the right tools, I’m only advocating that you arm yourself with the right tools so they will be readily available when you need them.

  5. IronHawk says:

    I’m with you on your last post there. It’s absolutely the best idea to arm yourself in preparation for what you may deal with, yet, when unarmed, be aware of your surroundings and what you can use, or where you could go if the need arose quickly.

    A Taser or Mace pepper spray gun are ideal items for keeping on your person conveniently and being ready for most anything, if you are looking for a less then lethal possibility.

    And… there’s always wasp spray…

  6. Lawanna Bean says:

    I can’t thing for the life of me why anyone would choose Wasp spray over Pepper Spray. Wasp spray is not sold for personal protection, therefore you could be legally liable if you use it. Why not pay the $7.00 to $10.00 for a legal Pepper Spray?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Self defense or end up dead – lets not be silly! Using a baseball bat is illegal too (for assault) let’s not forget! Self defense methods in normal circumstances where you aren’t under threat of death are illegal! If someone threatens your life in your own home, spraying someone in the eyes with any kind of substance that will stop them is a better bet than ending up dead! I really dont care about the consequences of self defense – the point is to stay alive! I really don’t care what the back of a wasp can says – I have a right to protect my home and property – with a gun, baseball bat, frying pan, or can of bug spray.

  8. Lisa says:

    Ummmm…….baseball bats and steak knives aren’t intended for use in self-defense either, yet lots of people keep them under the bed for just that purpose (and I’m sure some have used them). I can’t imagine a perpetrator who has broken into MY house suing me for using any such item (including wasp spray) on them in a pre-meditated fashion. I Guess the pepper spray manufacturers did a good job of damage control. Seriously? A criminal suing ME for blinding HIM with wasp spray? Hilarious!

  9. David Nance says:

    The rumors that wasp spray is a safe alternative form of self defense are untrue. Wasp spray is untested, less effective, and illegal to use on humans. False claims argue that wasp spray can be used at a greater distance than pepper spray, but both are capable of shooting up to 25 feet away. Wasp spray should never be used a substitute for pepper spray. This video explains why you should never use wasp spray as a way to defend yourself.

  10. admin says:

    This may seem hilarious but sadly in this country it happens way too often. Criminals are suing their intended victims and prevailing.

    See the video at: where Personal Safety Expert, David Nance, addresses the myth regarding wasp spray and self-defense. Ultimately, no data exists to support a claim that wasp spray would be an effective means of self defense against a human attacker. Another major concern is the wasp spray canister label states, “Never Use Indoors”. Wasp spray is not practical to carry with you as a means to protect yourself when you are outside your home. Therefore, not only is wasp spray unproven, but it is not practical either.

    Pepper spray on the other hand is proven and is used by professionals worldwide. Law enforcement agencies and US Postal Service protect theirs with pepper spray. The FBI study confirmed pepper spray is an inflammatory agent which causes involuntary eye closure giving you the opportunity to escape. Pepper spray provides protection at a safe distance.

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