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Tag Archives: Self Defense

  • Police use Stun Gun to subdue Library Trespasser

    On September 24th police, in Manchester, N.H., police used a stun gun to subdue a trespasser to the Manchester City Library after he kicked an officer trying to remove him.

  • San Diego Woman Uses Pepper Spray to Defend Against Assailant

    SAN DIEGO (CNS) - A man grabbed a pedestrian on an Ocean Crest-area roadside early Friday and sexually assaulted her until she doused him with pepper spray and broke free, authorities reported.

    The attacker, who was dressed in dark clothing, including a zip-up hooded sweat shirt, jumped the victim as she was walking away from her car in the 4500 block of Riviera Shores Street shortly before 1:30 a.m., according to San Diego police.

    When she sprayed him with the Pepper Spray, he let her go and ran off, Sgt. Mike Holden said.

  • Pepper Gel: New weapon in law enforcement?

    Pepper Gel acts like glue to your assailant. If the attacker attempts to wipe or rub the Pepperwf-18-2gel_a_2 Gel away it begins to permeate the skin leaving your attacker in pain. If used properly indoors you don't have to worry about over-spray, as it will stay in the direction where its sprayed and will not affect others in close proximity. Pepper Gel is ideal for a car, recreational vehicle, camping or home.
    This Pepper Gel has many convenient features including: longer distance range, stronger pepper mixture, sticks to the target like glue, its also less contaminating, and non-flammable.

    In the story below we see that Law Enforcement are now finding that the pepper gel is more effective than spray.


    Three members of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office are regretting they raised their hand to volunteer on Thursday.

    That’s because they signed up to get hit in the face with something that could become the next best weapon of defense for law enforcement officers.

    All three of the officers, including Chris-Lee Wallace, a detention deputy were hit with a packet of pepper spray gel from a JPX-450 gun.

    The new material is not potent and allows officers to safely apprehend a suspect with the weapon without contaminating people or objects around the person.

    Unlike normal pepper spray, which can spread once it is sprayed, the gel pepper spray sticks to a persons face and burns.

    And as Ron Teeters, the product training instructor told the deputies, it’s not just the pepper spray that’s surprising.

    “The initial shot is a shock as well,” Teeters said.

    Wallace was one of the first to get hit with gel, which projects out of a gun mechanism at 405 mph.

    “It almost felt like a gun shot,” Wallace said. “It’s like cayenne pepper mixed with sand.”

    As long as the gel is on a person, it continues to burn. After each volunteer was shot with the substance, they had to hose off for 10 minutes and made sure all of the gel was off of their body.

    “If I wouldn’t have had my eyes closed like I was instructed to do, it would have affected me right away,” Wallace said. “Once it’s on you, you can’t get it off.”

    The new gel substance has only been on the market for a little over a month now. It was drawn up in Texas and law enforcement officers in the Lone Star state are already using the pepper spray gel.

    The guns themselves cost $300. Sgt. Scott Haines, the Public Information Officer with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office said that the weapon that was demonstrated on Thursday might be in the hands of local law enforcement at some time. But with budget cuts looming over the department, it could be a while.

    “They wanted to do a demonstration for us,” Haines said. “It’s another affective tool for law enforcement.”

    The reason it’s so affective, he said, was because it doesn’t affect other people around the person that is shot with the gel.

    “It’s more concentrated to one individual,” Haines said. “It’s definitely going to be something we will be talking about.”

    Each cartridge loaded into the gun holds two shots of the gel.

    Teeters said that this device is a better method to use than pepper spray and even tazers.

    “Tazers can kill people,” Teeters said. “This is a safe way to apprehend someone without affecting those around that person.”

    Source: http://www.srpressgazette.com/news/new-weapon-in-law-enforcement-1.23121

  • Women employees could be provided with taser,pepper spray

    The Maharashtra government today submitted to Bombay High Court a proposed set of guidelines to ensure safety of women who work late night and commute alone, which includes a recommendation that women be given personal safety gadgets such as pepper spray by the employers.

    Women working between 7 PM and 7 AM should be provided with car pick-up and drop facility with security personnel and trained in self-defense, besides giving them personal safety gadgets like tasers and pepper spray, the government proposals stated, among other things.

    The division bench of Justices V M Kanade and P D Kode had yesterday said while private firms are bound to ensure the safety of women employees working late hours, the state should come up with some guidelines for the firms.

    The court's remarks came during the hearing of the death confirmation appeals of Purushottam Borate and Pradeep Kokade, who have been convicted for kidnapping, rape and murder of a female BPO employee in Pune in 2007.

    Purshottam, a driver with a logistics company, picked up the victim from her home to take her to the Wipro office for her night shift, but instead took her to a secluded spot. He and Kokade then raped and murdered her.

    Pune court awarded them death sentence this year, and it will have to be confirmed by the High Court. Both prosecution and defense completed the arguments today.

    Public prosecutor Revathi Dhere submitted a three-page document listing the measures that government proposes to take.

    It includes a direction that every organisation which employs women should evolve an approved 'Standard Operating Procedure', and a compliance report regarding training program for employees, security staff and drivers should be submitted to the local police station annually.

    It is also proposed that ownership of hired vehicles and identity of owners and drivers should be verified and the security staff should be sourced from licensed and approved agencies.

    Besides this, GPS units should be installed in cars along with CCTVs, and every company should have a control room manned by trained staff to help the woman in case of emergency.

  • Woman fights back with pepper spray

    Another case where a woman fights back using pepper spray. This time in Traverse City, Michigan

    TRAVERSE CITY -- A Traverse City woman used pepper spray to get away from a man she said was going to assault her.

    The 31-year-old was pushing her 9-month-old baby in a stroller in the Clinch Park area at 8:15pm Saturday, when she was approached by a man who asked her what time it was. After the man walked away the victim saw him talking to another woman. The victim said she had a bad feeling about the man and as she walked away she got a can of pepper spray from her purse and held it in her hand.

    The woman told police, as she entered the tunnel to walk to Cass Street the man approached her quickly from behind and grabbed onto her attempting to twist her around. The victim states she sprayed the suspect with the pepper spray. The victim stated the suspect let her go yelling "I just want your returnables". The victim states she was running away at this time and continued to run out of the south end of the tunnel.

    The victim and her daughter were not hurt. Any one who may have witnessed the incident is asked to contact the Traverse City Police Department's Detective Bureau at 231-995-5151.

    Source: http://www.upnorthlive.com/news/story.aspx?list=~homelistssearch&id=797625

    Whether jogging, walking in the park or just chilling with your friends it's always best to be prepared and carrying a good non-lethal weapon, like pepper spray, is a way to fight back just in case a situation should arise.

  • Woman Defends Against Attacker Using Pepper Spray

    In the story and young woman in Bloomington, Ind. used pepper spray to defend herself against a attacker.

    Bloomington, Ind. (Indiana’s NewsCenter) – A 21-year-old woman has informed Bloomington Police that she had to fend off her attacker using pepper spray during her walk home from the bar early Sunday morning.

    According to the Herald Times, the woman told police she was leaving Kilroy's Bar and Grill on Kirkwood Avenue just before 2 a.m. when she was approached by a man who asked for directions. When the woman continued walking, the man stepped in front of her, grabbed her by the hair and forced her to the ground, pulling down her leggings and her underwear.

    The woman said she then pulled out her pepper spray and shot it in the man’s eyes and kicked him to the ground before being able to run away.

    Source: http://www.indianasnewscenter.com/news/local/Woman-Defends-Against-Attacker-Using-Pepper-Spray-Near-IU-Campus-168465486.html

    Police say the woman suffered a cut on her neck and a welt on the side of her head.

    The attacker was described as white, in his mid-40s with short, brown, matted hair and a rough complexion. He was wearing a red T-shirt and blue jeans.

  • Wasp versus Pepper Spray – What’s The Verdict?

    These days, there are a number of rumors circulating, particularly online, that state various things about wasp spray, which is an insecticide, as being more effective than a pepper spray for the purposes of self defense. There are internet stories (you can’t believe everything you read…especially in this day and age) that claim an elderly lady was told by a police officer…blah, blah, blah…that she can use wasp spray for self defense. Before you run out and buy a few bulky cans of insecticide, be careful because you don’t want to start spraying people with something poisonous that can get you into a heap of trouble!

    U.S. residents who are tempted to use this Internet-recommended self-defense alternative should know that wasp spray is an insecticide, and U.S. Federal Laws prohibit the use of any pesticide or insecticide “in a manner that is inconsistent with its labeling.” In addition, there are some of our states that prohibit the use of substances for self-protection that are not specifically authorized for that purpose. What would happen if you squirt gasoline or kerosene into someone’s face? How about some sort of acid?

    The main ingredient in pepper spray is oleo resin capsicum, which is a type of oil that is extracted from hot chili peppers and this produces a strong burning sensation in human and animal tissues, immediately upon contact. Pepper spray causes severe irritation of the eyes and lungs, and the person who gets sprayed in the face will cough and choke for fifteen minutes, their eyes will immediately close, and they will be way too distracted to continue the attack. Pepper Spray is non-lethal and does not cause any long term damage, harm or effect!

    Wasp sprays, on the other hand, consist of one or more insecticides such as pyrethrum or propoxur.  Although the toxic side effects of such chemicals do, in fact, include eye and lung irritation in humans, they are poisons for the main purpose is killing insects and can cause some serious harm or injury to humans and pets. Does that smell like a lawsuit waiting to happen? How about the stories of the guys who rob a house, fall down, get hurt, and then lodge a lawsuit against the homeowner?

    The rumor also states that wasp or hornet sprays are effective also because they are manufactured for use at greater distances, and they will project farther and more accurately than pepper sprays, which typically have an effective range of six to 10 feet. Well, it is the key chain sized pepper spray that projects around 6 to 8 feet, as does the model that is disguised as a lipstick! There are pepper sprays on the market, such as the Wildfire 18% which can be available in a 4 ounce “stream” size, and this variety has an effective range of about 15 to 18 feet! Then there are even larger sizes that can shoot a stream up to 20 - 22 feet!

    How reliably a wasp spray in the face might work, as a deterrent against human assailants is bound to vary, according to differences in the formula used and the fact that they were never made for the purpose of self defense in the first place. The effectiveness of insecticide sprays for self-defense is not clearly known and an adult American would be better off to fight back with a bonafide non-lethal, self-defense pepper spray obtained from a reliable source!

    Wasp spray is a bad idea.  But then again, so are rape and murder.  If I had to choose between wasp spray or nothing, you can bet your sweet bippy that I would use the wasp spray.  And I might get away with it, if I could prove that it was a sudden thought, a panic move in self-defense.  But if the assailant sues me on the basis of premeditated use of poison, I might be in legal hot water.  WHY plan to risk legal charges, when many of our products shoot just as far, and all of them are as effective or more effective and none of them leave me vulnerable to a legal challenge?  When you think of it that way, a few extra dollars spent on a good pepper spray is like insurance.  You hope you don't need it, but when you do, you're sure glad you've got it!"

    Even though pepper sprays are completely legal for self defense, a few states have very specific laws regarding how and where you can purchase one. If you are within the contiguous 48 United States, but not in MA, MI, NY, or WI, then you can actually go online and order these wonderful non-lethal, yet effective, self-defense pepper sprays at a website such as www.FightBackGroup.com where they have an awesome selection, fabulous prices, and outstanding customer service! The items will be shipped via UPS to your door, and pepper sprays also make great gifts!

  • Woman Uses Stun Gun to Defend Against Attacker

    We normally don't read in the news about someone using a Stun Gun to defend their self.  Normally it's the read about the police using it an unruly offender.

    According to authorities, a woman was only able to escape her boyfriend when he attacked her by using a stun gun on him.

    When police arrived at the address to respond to a domestic dispute they were confronted by the 36-year-old male. When he pointed the gun he was holding at them, police shot him. He was later taken to University Medical Center for treatment and later arrested.

    According to the police report, the woman was in the apartment that was shared with the suspect. It was reported that he climbed in through a window before grabbing her hair and biting her. Escaping she ran outside, when the man knocked her to the ground, pounded her head into the concrete and subsequently choked her until she felt as if she was going to pass out.

    The man is reported to have pulled out a handgun where he threatened to kill the woman and himself. However, before he was able to do so, the woman pulled out the self defense device and shocked him several times. When the man dropped the gun, the woman threw it away and ran.

    In a situation such as this, the role of the stunning device was important in the safety of the woman in what could have produced different results if no stun gun was available.

    Nowadays, more people are considering the self defense tools as a way of maintaining their protection. No one knows when they will become a target, but knowing that you have a form of defense on hand will mean that you are one step ahead at preventing such a situation from occurring.

    Members of the public are not the only ones who have access to these tools, but also police departments. With a wide range of non-lethal tools on hand they are able to effectively do their job of protecting the public and themselves when the situation calls for it.

    Thanks to the woman’s self defense device she was able to fight off her boyfriend as he attacked and threatened to kill her even though she could have passed out while he was choking her. A device that may not have received much use since it was bought, essentially saved her life from a man armed with a gun and the intent to kill. A small device that pack a powerful punch when it’s needed.

  • Your College Girl Daughter’s Safety!

    Is your beloved daughter about to go away to college for the first time, and you are a little worried about her safety and well being? Well, do not worry yourself because the school probably has many safeguards in place against any sort of problem! They probably have great campus security and well lighted paths for walking after dark. Plus, you will remind your little girl not to go places alone, particularly at night!

    Now, there are a few good gadgets that you can order for your precious daughter, just in case there is ever a freak occurrence and she has to fight back against some punk! Here are some awesome items for a college girl to take away to school with her!

    A Door Brace which is a device that is made of very sturdy metal and is collapsible and can travel easily and when it is needed, the door brace can be extended to the proper length to wedge it between the door knob and the floor making it difficult or even impossible for someone to push the door open even after it is unlocked. These door braces are especially good in a dorm room situation, as long as the roommate doesn’t put it on for the night while the other roommate is still out studying at the library. These door braces are quite handy to have for anyone who wants to insure added security while home alone or while sleeping at night.

    A non-lethal, self-defense Pepper Spray is something that every woman from 21 to 71 should carry, and especially all college girls, because you just never know what might happen! There are way too many creeps out there and even on a very safe campus, there is always the chance of a once-in-a-great-while situation! A powerful, self-defense pepper spray right in the face will surely change the plans for anyone who tries to mess with your little one, and he won’t even be able to do anything for about a half an hour while your daughter escapes to safety. Of course, we both hope that she never has to use the pepper spray, but it sure is great for her to carry one at all times!

    A Personal Alarm or Electronic Whistle is another awesome item for her to carry just in case. These are battery operated little items carried in the pocket or purse, and when needed, they will emit a very loud siren type of sound to attract attention and HELP!

    A Diversion Safe is extremely important for a college girl to have, or even a college boy for that matter, because (in the case of the girl) she will not be carrying around a lot of cash with her on a daily basis, but she will have some cash with her at school, and it isn’t something that she’ll want to leave lying around, particularly with another roommate and the friends of the roommate that will come to visit. A diversion safe looks like a can of soda, or fruit cocktail, or just about any type of product, and it has a secret compartment inside where she can hide cash, jewelry, and other small valuables that need to be hidden.

    Now, if you don’t find these items in your local neighborhood store, not to worry because you can go to a great website for all types of personal protection and self defense items and place the order and have these things shipped to your door! Here’s a great place to visit… www.FightBackGroup.com where they have everything you need!

  • Elderly Women Arming Themselves with Pepper Spray and Stun Guns

    YOAKUM, Texas —

    With a serial rapist on the loose, Cassandra McGinty has developed a new routine when she arrives home: search room to room, a handgun or stun gun drawn.

    The predator has been assaulting older women in central Texas over the past year, terrifying residents and frustrating investigators who have only a vague description of the suspect.

    Pepper spray has been flying off the shelves in the towns where the attacks have occurred, and McGinty said her landlord in Marquez handed out stun guns as Christmas gifts. Nearly 200 miles away in Yoakum, elderly volunteers at the local museum have been locking its doors during business hours.

    "I used to think I was too old for anybody to mess with," said McGinty, 55. "I can't say that any more."

    Beginning with the rape of a 65-year-old woman in Yoakum last January, authorities have linked eight sexual assaults or attempted sexual assaults to the suspect, who has been dubbed the "Twilight Rapist" because most of the attacks occurred around dawn. They also believe he robbed or attempted to rob four other women.

    The victims have all been women, ranging in age from 65 to 91. One rape victim played piano at her church on Sundays. An 81-year-old woman scared off an intruder with a gun, firing several rounds for good measure. A 66-year-old woman was attacked twice, despite having moved across town following the first assault.

    The attacks occurred in seven rural towns, the largest of which has 6,000 residents.

    Two women were attacked — one of them twice — in Yoakum, a quiet town surrounded by wide-open ranches about 100 miles east of San Antonio.

    "It does make me sick," Yoakum Police Chief Arthur Rogers said. "We all take it personal. We all visualize this could have been my mother or my grandmother."

    Mela Walker, who has a ranch in nearby Cuero, organized a community meeting last spring after the Yoakum attacks and handed out pepper spray as a door prize for the nearly 300 people who showed up.

    "They're freaked out," Walker said. "These elderly women are buying Mace and not knowing how to use it. They talk about buying guns, and they don't know how to use guns."

    Authorities say the attacks appear to have been planned — phone lines were cut and porch lights were unscrewed outside some of the victims' homes. All the victims lived alone, and one had more than $10,000 stolen.

    Yoakum residents say the two victims there had predictable routines that made them easy targets.

    "Nobody opens the door for nobody anymore," said Armiro Gomez, 57, who lives across the street from one of the Yoakum victims. "After midnight, people have no rights to be walking the streets anymore."

    Just across the interstate in Luling, where the last attack occurred in November, a neighbor said it's no coincidence the victim was the only woman in his retirement village with a job.

    A year into the case there is still no sketch of the suspect, only a vague description of a thin, young and dark-skinned man who is between 5 1/2- and 6-feet tall. Authorities wrongly arrested one man early in their investigation, and he has since sued over it.

    The assailant left behind DNA and other forensic evidence after some attacks, but authorities have not been able to link the DNA to anything in the state system, said Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Tom Vinger. In addition to the difficult task of investigating attacks that happened as far as 200 miles from each other, authorities have found that some victims don't have the best memories.

    "The fact that he is targeting elderly woman at night does make it a little more difficult (to investigate)," Vinger said. "It's a traumatic situation for any age. It's even potentially more traumatic for the elderly."

    Walker said a year since the first attack, the fear in Yoakum hasn't waned. Last week, volunteers took down Christmas decorations inside the Yoakum Heritage Museum.

    It was the middle of the morning, but the doors were locked. Visitors were let in, one by one, and the door locked behind them.

    "These are frail, elderly women. Tiny little things," Walker said. "You just can't imagine why anyone would want to take advantage of them."

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